Keynote speakers confirmed

  1. Professor Chris Evans of the UK Centre for Hydrology and Ecology. Chris is an expert on GHG emissions from peatlands, a prominent peatland scientist with also a good knowledge of tropical peatland and their GHG emissions.
  2. Professor Line Rochefort of Université Laval in Quebec, Canada. Line is one of the foremost experts on peatland restoration, employing novel methods for the rehabilitation of cutover Sphagnum bogs.
  3. Professor Carl Trettin works for the US Forest Service as Team Leader at the Southern Research Station in South Carolina. He is also an Adjunct Professor in Soil Science at North Carolina State University. His current research focusses on the carbon cycle in wetlands.
  4. Since January 2015, Mike Quinn has been CEO of Bord na Móna, the public-semi-state company formed in 1946 for the development of peatlands for the generation of electricity. Since then Bord na Mona has diversified its operations greatly and is meeting the challenges of modern society and its environmental issues. Mike has a degree in Physics and Electronics and a postgraduate qualification in Project Management; he has had a career in senior management positions in a range of companies.
  5. Nazir Foead is head of the Indonesian Agency for Restoration of Tropical Peatland that was established a year ago by the President of Indonesia to address the problem of massive CO2 emissions from developed peatland and fire. Prior to this, Nazir was Coordinator for  Climate and Land Use Alliance responsible for direct grants and support. Formerely, he was the Conservation Director of WWF Indonesia, managing over 300 staff in 26 conservation sites.

Photo: Coastal blanket bog erosion. Copyright: Russell Anderson.


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